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              DPH320 Blister Packing Machine



              Introduction of DPH320 Alu-Pvc Blister Packing Machine

              1.Brief introductio

              DPH320 High Speed Alu-Pvc blister packing machine is the new high-tech production combined with domestic and abroad experiences manufactured by Double Crane Equipment company.DPH320 adopts complete servo motor driving system,can complete accurate control,low noise,high speed of production,easy changing of model, accordingly achieve high-efficiency automatic medicine packing,minimum personnel and material cost.DPH320 can guarantee the process of medicine packing completely meet the GMP requirement.


              DPH320 Alu-Pvc blister packing machine has a wide-ranging application.It is mainly used for medicine(tablets,capsules,pills  special-shaped tablets) ,food and other similar solid things.It packs the medicine into the bubble between the PVC and Alu foil,can satisfy the different blister shapes required by different customers.

              DPH320 combined two advantages that plate forming has good efficiency and roller heat sealing has high speed.It makes the forming in low speed while sealing,batch number,perforation,cutting in high speed 15 meters per minute through reasonable speed matching.The production speed has acquired a lot of promotion,in the meantime,the performance is more reliable.

               DPH320 Alu-Pvc blister packing machine adopts plus pressure,makes the bubble symmetrical and full.The heat sealing part adopts netlike heat sealing,stable and reliable.Cutting part adopts no-scrap cutting model,can save packing materials.Each station uses the Schneider servo drive,accurate control,guarantee the reliability of running.The multi feeding systems of this machine can meet the requirement of various tablet shape.

              3.Main technical data.


              DPH320 Alu-Pvc Blister Packing Machine

              Max design speed(Cut/min)

              According to blister size


              Max material line speed


              Max forming depth


              Max forming depth

              (belt width×index)


              Max index length


              Max material width


              Max cutting length




              Consumption:about 20Kw



              Consumption:<15 m3/h


              Temperature: 1520

              Water:about 0.2 m3/h


              (including feeder, L×W×H)




              About 4000


              Packing material:

              Heat forming film and composite material,such as PVC,PVDC

              Specifications of PVC:

               Thickness 0.25-0.35mm             Max width 320mm

              Reel internal diameter 75-76mm    Max reel diameter 600mm

              Single side glued Alu foil

              Specifications of ALU:

              Thickness 0.02mm                  Max width 320mm

              Reel internal diameter 75-76mm    Max reel diameter 240mm