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              BZ25 Film Packing Machine


              BZ25 film packing machine can automatically complete the function of transport, arrangement, stacking, and then use the material called BOPP for strapping.The very two sides is heat welding to make it a stable strapping. This machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical and other industries.


              Working environment:temperature 0~45 Relative humidity less than 85%

              Power: 3-phase 5 wires, AC380V 50Hz


              air0.5~0.9MPa  5L/cycle

              Max capacity:25 packs/min(According to the layer of stack)

              Packing material specification:BOPP

              Thickness0.020~0.035  inner diameter:76

              Max surface diameter:300

              Max width:400


              Weight:about 1000 kg.