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              DPP400 Ampoule&vial Packing Machine


              DPP400 Blister Packing Machine

              1. DPP400 blister packing machine is special for packing Ampoules, vials and Syringes.

              2. Technical Information

              Max cutting speed:     30 cut/min  (PVC line speed: max 5.7m/min)

              Max forming depth: 35mm

              Max forming area:      390x150mm

              Max index length:       150mm

              Max cutting length      148mm

              Power: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phases

              Power consumptionabout 20 kw

              Pressed Air0.60.9Mpa

              Water consumption    about 4 m3/h (recommend equipped with water chiller)

              Temperature of water1015


              Thickness: 0.350.4mm

              Max width: 410mm      Reel core diameter7576mm 

              Max reel diameter500mm    

              Machine Dimension (LxWxH) : about5000x1100x1400mm

              Machine Weight: about 3500kg

              Noise: < 75dB

              3 .Function

               Automatically complete the following functions: PVC feeding, PVC heating, PVC forming,  batch number, cutting, blister output.